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Honey-cane is a 100% natural product without additives or preservatives, taking a very long time, and a rich organic composition.


Helps build and maintain bones and teeth
Essential for the release of energy in cells
Backs the activity of proteins


Cements calcium
It makes them hard and strong bones
Acts as relaxing


Balances the nervous system
Essential growth
Strengthens the walls of the arteries
Vitalizing the cells


Increases Red blood cells
Turns nutrition
It is a potent tonic
Combat anemia and sclerosis

Vitamin PP

Essential for healthy skin
Protects the liver, nerve tissues and digestive tract
Helps regulate cholesterol in the blood

Vitamin B2

Necessary for carbohydrate, fat and protein
Conservation of tissues
Important in ocular physiology


Bone development
Osteochondrosis prevention
Preparation of corneal layers

Vitamin B1

Interferes directly in carbohydrate metabolism
Essential for growth
Normal appetite
Digestion and healthy nerves

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